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Eary Childhood Intervention

Eary Childhood Intervention: Transition To Outside Agencies

Andrews Center to t

Andrews Center to transition ECI services to outside agencies

Andrews Center has notified the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) that, on or before September 30, 2016, early childhood intervention (ECI) services to children ages birth to 36 months will be discontinued by the Center and transferred to other agency (ies).

Andrews Center will work with DARS to transition ECI services to local, approved agencies to serve as new providers so that service is not interrupted.

“This has been a very good program for a very long time,” said Waymon Stewart, CEO. “In evaluating its needs, we decided this transition is best for the families and children involved with ECI.”

Services within early childhood intervention have changed significantly since the program was established more than 35 years ago. Billing and staffing complexities, in addition to provisions of year-around services, have caused staff to consider alternative options that will best serve eligible children and families in the long run.

Services were provided year-round in the homes and community settings of eligible children and families. This required the collection of revenue for eligible costs that were not previously reimbursed by Medicaid or other payment sources.

Currently, the Center serves almost 300 children and families. Those receiving ECI Services are being notified of Andrews Center’s plans to discontinue the contract with DARS while ensuring their transition to new ECI providers.

Andrews Center will work in collaboration with the state agency and newly assigned ECI providers to ensure a smooth transition for current children and families.

“We feel this transition provides a continuation of quality service to which families have become accustomed,” Stewart said. “We want to make certain that this process goes smoothly and will work with outside agencies to make that happen.”