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Employee Portal

Andrews Center: Employee Portal

Welcome to the employee section of our Andrews Center Website.

Here we will post tools and information to assist employees when they are not in one of our centers, or if they are without a Center-issued laptop. Please read all information and notices before using any tool on this webpage. We will also post solutions to common problems associated with using webmail here for convenience.

Email from anywhere!

Andrews Center email may be accessed from anywhere in the world by clicking on the link below. Before accessing email from outside our center please read and follow these precautions:

  • Never let anyone check email for you. Sharing a password is a violation of Andrews Center policy (even if it’s “just” family).
  • Be mindful when checking email in public places (like hotels, airports etc.).
  • Do not print any confidential information in a public place. Not only is this a HIPPA violation, but the printer may jam or hold and print out information after later.

Following these simple guidelines can help keep Andrews Center’s information secure and confidential.

IMPORANT: Starting Jan 1, 2019 two factor authentication will be required to use this email facility. If you do not have two factor set up with your phone or other method you will need to contact the help desk for setup.

Employee Email

Employees that have been set up and licensed to use the Cisco Jabber mobile app can follow these steps to get Jabber working on the Andrews Center network:

Employee ePunch

Use our online time clock system to punch in and out.

Employee Online Time Clock


Employee e3

Use our online time clock system to submit time.

Employee e3 Online